Tony Molina

Tony Molina joined our team in the summer of 2017 after he was recruited by coach emeritus Kiefer Williams while participating in the “Wyoming Governor’s Top 100” shooting match.  He was on-boarded and trained by Coach Tim Bruton.  In June of 2018 Tony was promoted to Range Operations Manager. He served with excellence until late May 2023 when he moved to Wisconsin. We want him back! Badly.

Tony is from California, but fled the oppression he and many other people interested in the shooting sports currently face. This amazing refuge found home in Wyoming where he met his now wife Kacie. He loved his time and the freedom to enjoy what he loves and express himself by sharing his enthusiasm for firearms!

He loves guns, archery, hunting, hiking, snowboarding, teaching parkour and enjoys sharing his passions and persistently positive attitude with guests. His first aid certifications and training include NOLS Wilderness First Responder, Epinephrine Auto-injector, Adult/Child CPR, AED and Airway Management and a 2021 military medic 2-day gunshot trauma workshop.

Tony is the author of the best book on Grizzly Bear Defense.

Grizzly Bear Defense Gear

Tony Molina became a member of the One Mile Club in the summer of 2018 and has written a book on weapon choice for bear defense.