Tim Bruton

Timothy Gerald Bruton is a native Texan with a lifelong background in hunting, fishing, hiking, and generally enjoying what mother-nature provides.   Tim Bruton has many years of firearm experience and as a young man he spent four years in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Rifleman.

Other relevant experience includes having traveled the world as a private security consultant, instructing clients on how to protect their assets from pirates and no-good-nicks.  He now resides part-time in the beautiful hill country of the Guadalupe River valley in Texas with his wife and children where he teaches practical firearm use.

In the fall and winter of 2016 he trekked 1800 miles across New Zealand as part of his Behind the Bullets project. For the last couple years he has lived part-time on St. Thomas.

Tim follows Heinlein’s advice about being competent in many areas, so if you need a guitar played, a crane operated,  a good philosophical debate at a high intellectual level, a book written or some welding or fencing work performed, Tim Bruton is the man.  Tim is the founder of the boutique specialty wood supply firm Bruton Timber which operates in Texas.

He was excited to join the JH Shooting Experience team for the summer of 2016 and returned in 2017, 2020, 2021 and we are excited that he is coming back again in 2024!  He enjoys sharing his experience and love of the sport with people of all skill levels; while maintaining the highest level of safety.

“If you’re not catching fish, you might as well be not catching fish on a yacht”.-Tim Bruton

Tim Bruton behind the bullets