Ben Weiser

Ben was raised in southeastern Ohio, never too far from the dense wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains. His early days were spent exploring the forests, lakes, and skies of his Appalachian valley home of Athens. While in high school he became a local outdoor guide, sharing the amazing natural world with visitors to the area. Above all else, he loved the stars, and grew to become an avid amateur astronomer and night sky guide.

Ben WeiserBen’s interest in firearms began with his late grandfather — a retired navy man, coal miner, and an amateur gunsmith. After his passing, Ben took care in maintaining his grandfather’s firearm collection. He learned the guns inside and out, turning a pre-existing interest into a serious pursuit. The next few years he spent learning as much as he could about firearms and their history, uses, and specifications. There’s always something new to learn!

Ben moved to Jackson Hole in the summer of 2021 after studying astronomy and astrophysics at the Ohio State University. Drawn to the valley by the rich wilderness and dark night skies, he quickly fell into teaching roles at Wyoming Stargazing by night, and Jackson Hole Shooting Experience by day. There’s nothing Ben loves more than sharing his passions and interests with others!

Ben is an active shooter in Jackson Hole shooting shooting sports. His dedication to learning performance pistol shooting skills for competitions has helped him build a very deep and wide knowledge of pistol shooting. Ben respectfully challenges more senior instructors on our team with, “Why do you think that is better” and in most cases, Ben’s research has prepared him to win the friendly argument.

An example was when JHSE owner and founder Shepard Humphries was teasing Ben for being “tacti-cool.” Ben asked for a definition of the term, and suggested that it would be prudent for a person who wants to perform a thing well, to have the gear and accessories that helps them do well. Dang it Ben, right again. Ben is not a slap-happy & gregarious entertainer; he is a no-nonsense student and teacher of firearms skills, and he loves sharing his knowledge with interested students.

When he’s not coaching or training at the range, Ben is outdoors hiking, kayaking, or out under the dark Jackson Hole skies.

Ben Weiser is also an expert guest at .

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