Shepard Humphries

After 10 years in California and Wyoming, Shepard Humphries retired early from a career in law enforcement that included Detention, Patrol Division, Detective Division, SWAT Entry Team and Sniper Team, finishing as Sniper Team Leader.

Shepard also has many years of experience in executive protection and security consulting, having been involved in the protection details for heads of state, UHNW individuals and corporations. Shepard founded JH Shooting LLC with Jackson Hole Shooting Experience in 2010 and offers shooting adventures and firearms training for civilians & shooting instructors nationwide.

Shepard is a pioneer in the luxury entertainment shooting industry and is proud of the many wonderful businesses around the US that are using the JHSE model in their “shooting experiences.”  In 2014, Shepard and his wife/business partner Lynn Sherwood opened High Caliber Women as a subsidiary of JH Shooting, LLC.  In 2017, Shepard added the subsidiary Nomad Rifleman to the JH Shooting LLC family.

Shepard Humphries also provides security consultation in Jackson Hole, enjoys mocha lattes, serves as a Jackson Hole wedding officiant for fun, has 2 grand-daughters and a grandson, enjoys studying philosophy, economics and social theory, and loves sitting on his back deck with his wife, a steak she just grilled to perfection and a glass of wine while watching his dog Remington play and listening to a philosophical or an entrepreneurial podcast.

Shepard completed a 2021 military medic 2-day gunshot trauma workshop.

CEO Shepard Humphries is an entrepreneur in the luxury entertainment shooting experience industry and other sectors.  Reared in poverty in a Mennonite community in Tennessee, Shepard has organized his life to become a successful husband, father, businessperson and innovator.  Shepard is active as a principal in numerous ventures, serves as a consultant, serves on the board of several non-profits and writes & speaks about a variety of topics including shooting instruction, entrepreneurship, economics, philosophy and propaganda.