Zack Shelton

Growing up in southwest Michigan Zack Shelton was fortunate enough to be immersed in the outdoors at an early age. As a kid if he wasn’t playing in the dirt or climbing in a tree.  Instead, he was with his dad on the farm getting dirty.  He was reared on a 200 acre fruit farm named Shelton Farms which is still operational. Having the farm property at his disposal helped introduce him to shooting and hunting. From fishing for bluegills, hunting for squirrels and whitetails, to practicing archery and firearms, being outside is Zack’s number one passion in life!

After completing college and spending some time traveling around the Midwest for a welding profession, he headed out west and found himself in the beautiful valley of Jackson Hole. As the old adage goes, ‘come for the winter stay for the summer!’  He has found himself living in this slice of paradise for 3 years now.  He enjoys everything this valley has to offer, and by far his favorite passion in the outdoors is hunting! Wyoming has an endless abundance of mountains to trek and game to pursue which will most likely cause his obsession to grow even more.

He has been lucky enough to work a wide array of professions here in Jackson and joining the team at Jackson Hole Shooting Experience is something he is very excited about!  He loves introducing clients with little knowledge of guns and shooting sports to our world, and showing them how much fun and how therapeutic target shooting can be. From pistols to shotguns, to rifles and archery, he enjoys all aspects of the shooting world, and he thinks that after some time at Jackson Hole Shooting Experience ~ you will agree!

On August 6, 2018, Zack Shelton was promoted to Senior Lead Instructor!  As you and I could have probably predicted, this promotion proved very appealing to his girlfriend Anna.  Sure enough, 15 months later, on November 2nd, 2019, they got married! Recently, he completed a 2021 military medic 2-day gunshot trauma workshop.

Zack Shelton
Zack is the first person in human history to climb the Grand Teton and hit a 2-mile target within one day!