Steve Weichman

Steve Weichman was formerly an elected government prosecuting attorney but has traded in the stress for a happy life.

He has a wonderful wife Cynthia, loves geology, from the deep scientific aspects to fun gold panning, and has many years served on the board of Geologists of Jackson Hole.

Steve Weichman Nomad Bowman
Steve’s arrows pack a punch, even at 40 yards! Fun Roving and stumping archery in Jackson Hole!

Steve first met Shepard more than 20 years ago.  As part of his undergraduate studies, Shepard worked an internship with the Teton County Prosecutor’s office.  Later, Steve and Shepard worked together on cases when Shepard was a Crimes Against Children Detective for the Jackson Police Department.  When Steve retired from government employment, he was quickly recruited by Shepard because of his excellent communication skills, and passion for people, archery, and life.

Roving Archery Stumping Nomad Archery