Slade Ross

Slade Ross

Slade Ross is proud to be part of the Jackson Hole Ross family, who were among the original homesteaders in the valley. Reared in Hog Island, Teton County, Wyoming, Slade learned to hunt at an early age and now passes on this rich Wyoming tradition with his daughter and son.  Slade grew up shooting for food and fun and is eager to share this piece of Wyoming life with you!Slade Ross Teton County Sheriff

As a Teton County Sheriff’s Department law enforcement officer and manager, Slade further developed his shooting skills through training and experience as a “cop’s cop.”  This included SWAT, Patrol, accident reconstruction, investigations and being a proud graduate of the FBI National Academy, a prestigious and intensive training for top government law enforcement leaders and administrators nationwide. (Yes, he got the yellow brick 😉 )

Slade Ross is a natural leader.  While the trend in law enforcement has been a shift away from common sense and problem-solving and more toward bureaucracy and paramilitary enforcement of victimless crimes, Slade is respected and admired by those who proudly choose to follow his lead.  This is in large part because of his more progressive view of the role of peace officers.  Slade believes that the proper role is to help keep people safe, not create more computer work for cops while ruining the lives of citizens.

Ross, who spent years as an aerial firefighter, now serves as a volunteer with the Jackson Civil Air Patrol.  He is a damn good man.  We are proud to have him on our team and only wish he would work more hours with us! He and his awesome wife Kara own and manage Jackson Hole Express Lube as their full-time gigs.

Slade Ross Jackson, WY
Slade Ross with friends Ed, Lloyd & Shepard during downtime in 2011!

Teton County Jackson Hole Sheriff Slade Ross
Slade Ross Family