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Lung Cancer 101 by Lynn Sherwood-Humphries
Lung Cancer 101

After a 20+ year fear of guns, Lynn Sherwood discerned just six years ago that it wasn’t the gun she was afraid of it was the bad guy behind the gun.  Empowered as she worked through her fears, she jumped in to learn everything she could about firearms, personal defense, and competitive shooting, so she could effectively share her passion with shooters from around the world.  Lynn now especially enjoys working with children, youth, families and corporate groups to share her passion for the shooting sports, and the mental and physical fundamentals of personal defense, in a safe, educational and FUN manner.

In additional to being the co-owner, CEO, CFO and business manager of the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, Lynn is also a Chief Range Safety Officer and NRA Training Counselor, holding Instructor certifications in NRA Basic Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and Refuse to be a Victim. She completed a 2021 military medic 2-day gunshot trauma workshop.

She founded High Caliber Women (TM) in 2014 to help empower other women to take charge of life and personal defense with a comprehensive approach in mind, body and attitude!  Lynn Sherwood competes in national level USPSA matches and has volunteered at the NRA’s Whittington Center in NM as an instructor at their annual Women’s Wilderness Escape.  She is an author, speaker and end of life care advocate with interest in many areas. In 2020, she developed My Croak File.“My Croak File” helps people decide the health care they really want, have the hard conversations ~ and then get on with the business of living! Make sure to check her TEDx talk, “Happier Endings – Three Ways to Design Your Dying.”

Books by Lynn SherwoodLynn has a background in business ownership and management, and event coordination.  With global vision, she’s helped take JH Shooting Experience to the next level of Luxury Entertainment Shooting Experiences; she is also extremely detail oriented, rather OCD about dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s and managing systems and details with excellence.  She brings incredible knowledge, honesty, and hands-on/boots-on-the-ground energy to our company, both in the office and on the range with our valued guests.

Lynn Sherwood recently released her first book, Lung Cancer 101.  Learn more below:

My Croak File
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Lynn Sherwood Lung Cancer 101


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Lynn Sherwood Long Range Shooting, "Happier Endings - Three Ways to Design Your Dying."