Lauren Sherwood-Sutherland

Lynn’s Project: There was not a central place to find simple, understandable information about lung cancer.  Lynn started a webpage so that those diagnosed with lung cancer and their families can learn real lung cancer facts in layperson’s terminology. 

Lauren joined JHSE in February 2017 providing personal assistant and executive assistant duties.  She provided us with editing, blogging, social media, data entry and many other important duties!

Lauren Sherwood - Off Your PlateIn April of 2017, we hired Lauren full-time as our administrative guru in Jackson Hole.  Lauren and her family temporarily moved to Jackson Hole and Lauren exceeded our expectations.  With great attention to detail, and a desire to grow, Lauren was invited to be on our Executive Leadership Team and became a valuable member.

This thrilled us because Lauren is our daughter!  We were careful to be sure she pulled her own weight and did not get breaks because she was “the owners’ kid.”  She excelled and we were thrilled with her from a professional perspective!

In the autumn of 2017, when the leaves changed, Lauren also changed her address and served our clients remotely from her home in Tucson, AZ.

In mid-December 2017, 25-year-old Lauren felt dizzy and had headaches, so she visited the doctor.  They discovered an egg-sized tumor in her brain.  There were a couple dozen other smaller tumors in her brain as well.  They removed the big tumor, which turned out to be cancer.  Upon further investigation, the cancer in her brain had spread there from her lungs, and it had also spread to her abdomen and spine.  Stage 4 small cell carcinoma.  Arizona doctors said this case was very rare, almost unheard of for a non-smoker of her age.

In early January, Lynn moved to Tucson and rented a house.  She helped Lauren, her husband Dylan and their daughter Violet move in with her.  They turned the house into a home.  On May 21, 2018 at about 8am, Lauren died.

Lauren also enjoyed getting out to play sometimes as well in the summer of 17!  🙂


And she played some with Lynn a few years ago as well.  🙂

In November 2018, after much research, Lynn prepared a month’s worth of daily lung cancer facts, things you didn’t know that you didn’t know.  See them on Lynn’s Oddly Grateful website.