Kiefer Williams

Kiefer Williams has been shooting as long as he can remember. It started with a dedicated father who taught him to love the outdoors. Early on in his life, he became fascinated with firearms. His love for the shooting sports encouraged him to spend a summer working the Boy Scouts of America, where he taught 600+ students the art of pistol shooting as well as 500+ students how to hit a clay pigeon (or several).
The team at JHSE was impressed with Kiefer’s quiet & calm demeanor as he instructed that they invited him to join their firm upon his college graduation, so Kiefer tossed his tassel and hightailed it to Jackson Hole.
Kiefer, from Sandy, Utah, was taught to shoot by his father at a young age and could never get enough. He earned his NRA range safety officer, rifle, pistol, muzzle-loader, and shotgun instructor certificates following his two year church service mission and spent a summer helping Boy Scouts have fun and safe experiences with firearms.

Kiefer has never been one to sit around and do nothing. From an early age of 10, he started working at every opportunity he could find. Kiefer started his work life mowing the lawn for the family.  At a young age, Kiefer took up several hobbies including: woodworking, fishing, shooting sports, construction, motorcycle riding, and off-roading.

Kiefer’s love for woodworking and furniture design began in high school. Kiefer spent three years of high school building and designing his own furniture. During an inter-school wood work showcase, Kiefer took “Best in show” for a solid cherry, four drawer coffee table. Kiefer has continued to design and build cabinets and tables for friends and family.

When Kiefer signed up for a SkillsUSA construction team, he was immediately promoted to be the lead project manager. Kiefer and his team built a 3500 square foot home that was featured in the 2012 Parade of Homes in Utah. The project motivated the team to enter a nation-wide craftsmanship and leadership competition. The crew took first place at the state level, qualifying them to compete nationally in Kansas City, Missouri. After the grueling two day competition, the team took 12th place out of 38 crews.

Kiefer cannot sit at a computer in an office all day, and found a great love of the outdoors. He spends his spare time in the great Rocky Mountains. He loves hiking, four-wheeling, fishing, and taking long walks through thick forests in bear country. When not in the woods, he is out and about cruising the canyons on his vintage Yamaha Virago motorcycle. He lives to live the dream!

As a young child in central Utah, Kiefer had a father who shared his passion for shooting sports. Kiefer excels at anything that involves accuracy and precision. He has spent the last year honing his skills as a long range shooter, close quarters pistol marksman, and destroyer of clay pigeons. He loves to share his passion for shooting sport. He has taught thousands of people how to shoot 12 gauge shotguns, revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, long range precision rifles, archery, and even tomahawks and throwing knives.  Kiefer now uses his knowledge to train others to be safe with firearms as well as have the time of their lives!

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Kiefer Williams Wyoming Firearms Trainer