John Morgan

The ultimate ambassador for Jackson Hole, John has spent the last 15 years promoting tourism in Yellowstone/Grand Teton Country to travelers from all around the world. His love for the community extends across all types of recreation, from skiing to shooting. John’s first shooting experience was part of a corporate retreat in Colorado, and the exhilaration he felt opened his eyes to the camaraderie and engagement that the sport of shooting provides. As a professional speaker, facilitator, and trainer, John brings energy, enthusiasm, and genuine western hospitality to every Jackson Hole Shooting.

John and his family moved up north then, to Canada, but we love John and still get to worth with him and his consulting firm; Dialog Business Strategy, Inc.  A former leader in the Jackson Hole Rotary Club, the Toastmaster President and active part of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, John now enjoys life with his wife and daughter while he works on yet another fancy degree to serve us better.  We are proud to still count him as a valuable member of our team, and when his consultation travels bring him to Jackson Hole, it is time to shoot!

Watch John’s excellent presentation here: