Dawn Matthews

Dawn Matthews was born in East Tennessee and has a love for the Appalachian Mountains and the Dollywood Theme Park, so much so that she can navigate it with her eyes closed!

With her recent decision to exit Corporate America, she is thrilled to help her 2nd cousin Shepard & Lynn provide the best service possible to all customers.  While born in Knoxville, TN she was raised in Atlanta, GA where she has excelled in Human Resources and Recruiting in a few organizations across the Metro Atlanta area.

Dawn MatthewsCurrently, with her husband Jason, a pilot, they are pursuing creating a memorable childhood for their daughter and a lifestyle for their family that does not include the traditional office environment.

In April of 2018 Dawn has decided to pull the plug on hours of a horrible commute and cubicle work to be an asset to this family business that she believes in. Thanks for all that you did Dawn!