Bri Summerall

Bri is a Wyoming native, originally from the Saratoga/Encampment Wyoming area. She grew up spending a fair amount of time outdoors and enjoyed camping with her family. She hunted with her father which was her introduction to the shooting sports, although it was less of a sport and more of a, “living.”

She met her husband Brian in 2015 and he introduced her to archery. She thoroughly enjoys shooting her bow, even more than she enjoys shooting guns! She and her husband practically live for archery elk hunting. It doesn’t get much better than being out in nature and bugling in an elk on a beautiful September day!

In 2018, driven by a thirst for new challenges, Bri discovered a passion for triathlons. She already loved swimming as she was on the swim team in high school. She immersed herself in the other disciplines of triathlon (cycling and running) with a goal to someday complete a half Ironman. With unyielding determination and rigorous training, Bri went on to compete in sprint distances, then Olympic, and she finally completed her half Ironman in Boulder, Colorado in August 2021 (postponed one year due to the response to COVID which just gave her more time to train and be more prepared).

Less than one month later, she discovered she was pregnant with their first child together! Their daughter was born in May 2022 and she has brought so much joy to their lives. Bri and her husband are instilling in their daughter, and her two step-children, the same appreciation for the outdoors that has shaped their lives. Whether it’s hiking, biking, fishing, trips to the lake, or spending time at the family cabin in the Upper Green River Valley, family remains at the core of her existence.

Bri joined the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience in June 2023 and loved helping families make memories in Jackson Hole! She found another opportunity that she couldn’t turn down, even amidst our wailing and begging, and we hope she has an awesome life there!