Brandon C.

Brandon’s guiding principle – “See one, Do one, Teach one” was forged in the crucible of 29 years of government military service. From the dynamic 17HMR, to massive crew-served weapons like the Browning 50 cal. (Ma Deuce) and the Mark 19 grenade launcher, Brandon has had the privilege to experience many weapon systems both stateside and in many locations he is not permitted to discuss. Brandon’s unique teaching approach flows from his genuine desire to share his experiences and help others. When it comes to mastering any topic, Brandon has been called “the ultimate mentor.”

What else? Experience as a DHS Certified Instructor, Bomb Tech & Haz Mat Tech, WMD Awareness Trainer, Former SWAT Operator (Entry & Sniper), Expeditionary Warfare Instructor, Asymmetric Warfare Trainer/Instructor and Maritime Security Consultant. Brandon works jobs in places he can’t talk about, and when he is in Jackson Hole, we try to rope him in to help coach some experiences!