Scott Austin

Scott Austin became captivated with the outdoors at the age of six when he was introduced to small game hunting by his father and grandfather. Early on he acquired a fascination with anything that had to do with accuracy and trajectory, whether that be rifles, pistols, shotguns, archery, airguns, spears, rocks or slingshots. Having lived in Jackson Hole for almost thirty years, his passion for the shooting sports, particularly pistols and rifles, has not abated.

When Scott is not working at his full-time occupation as Dean of Students with Jackson Hole Bible College, you can often find him sharing his love of the sport with family, friends, college students and kids, who he mentors. He believes the shooting sports provide a perfect venue for building family and friend relationships. Always looking for an excuse to get to the range, you might call him a “Range Junkie”.  He helps us select new equipment, work on our existing equipment and is a master firearms trainer!  Scott particularly enjoys introducing “newbies” to the sport for the sheer satisfaction of seeing newfound goals accomplished (proficiently & common sense gun safety) as well as a new hobby discovered.

Long range shooting book
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In 2017, Jackson Hole Shooting Experience formed an Executive Leadership Team to help guide the direction and growth of our firm.  Scott was invited to be a member, and has performed brilliantly in this leadership position.  Also in 2017, JH Shooting LLC officially formed a new brand, Nomad Rifleman with Scott as a co-founder.  He is, of course, a member of the One Mile Club and has coached clients as they achieved hits out to 5,403 yards.


Scott is also co-author of Nomad Rifleman’s Extreme Long Range Shooting Fun.

extreme long range shooting gun book