Tyler Walton

Tyler grew up north of Detroit, and as many do, he came to Jackson for the Tetons.  He has only been shooting for eight years or so (a short time compared to the lifers here), but in that time, he has maximized his training!  Pistol is his personal favorite shooting sport, but since he managed a hunting lodge for three years, he has spent a lot of time with long-range shooting as well.  His educational background is in mechanical engineering, so one of the things that drew him to shooting is the projectile motion and real-world application of physics.

Tyler loves being outside.  He bikes every day, and he brings his Vizsla, Bode, along for all of his outdoor biking and camping adventures.  He is also a self-professed ski bum and has been working in that industry since he was 13 years old. He’s a ski instructor and a ski team coach, and he’s working on becoming a ski patroller and a member of the search and rescue team.

Tyler has been coaching with us since the summer of 2019 as one of our senior lead instructors.  His laid-back and casual personality coupled with his nerdy engineer’s mind and curiosity for “how things work” make him a fun firearms guide. He successfully completed a 2021 military medic 2-day gunshot trauma workshop. We hope you have enjoyed shooting with him!

In 2023, Tyler headed for Hawaii to attend helicopter pilot school!