Momo Renkes

Momo grew up in a large family on a farm in the Midwest, shooting cans and varmints with a classic Daisy BB gun. After a career as an international video professional, she returned to her love of target sports, becoming an LPGA Teaching Professional and firearms enthusiast. Although her greatest life’s work is her family, she spends as much time as possible improving her marksmanship and firearms skills.

Momo Renkes family

She introduced her family to JHSE, and became friends with owners Lynn and Shepard. In time Momo was invited to join the JHSE team, a dream job she still can’t believe she gets paid to do.  Sharing the healthy Wyoming gun culture with clients from around the world is one of her great privileges, as is working alongside a uniquely talented pool of fantastic human beings. She’s an upland bird hunter, bow hunter, fly fisherwoman and loves pistols. She’s also been known to prefer Sig Sauer or Tikka to Hermès.

With the help of JHSE, she hit a 1 mile target during a Nomad Rifleman experience in the summer of 2018.  Read about it on the Prime Women website!  (by Momo Renkes)

Long Range Shooting Momo Renkes

We love Momo Renkes’ reaction to her One Mile hit!