Luke Miller

Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado Luke Miller grew up playing tennis and other sports. His interest in firearms grew from his Grandfather who would take him out shooting at his cabin in Casper, WY.

Luke began his teaching career during his senior year of high school when he started teaching tennis lessons at his local club. He continued to teach while playing tennis in college. After the turmoil of college during covid panic times, Luke decided to make the move to Jackson Hole, Wy.

Luke got a job as a Private ski instructor at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort where he still spends his winters teaching all levels of skiing ( for any ski lesson bookings). After falling in love with Jackson and all the amazing things it has to offer Luke decided to stay and learn how to explore the mountains.

Luke discovered JHSE when he decided he wanted to expand and perfect his firearm knowledge. coach Jay Cummings, also a ski and shooting instructor in Jackson Hole, suggested he get involved with the best job in Jackson, WY. Luke is an excellent instructor who is amazing with kids and families with the utmost regard to safety! Luke now competes in handgun competitions and spends his free time in the Back Country around Jackson skiing or mountain climbing taking photos for