Gloria Courser

Gloria Courser was introduced to guns and hunting just seven years ago. Never having been around guns with her family or peers, she felt very uncomfortable carrying a gun when she first began hunting. With time and practice, including some pre-hunt rifle instruction with JHSE, she became more comfortable with not only the gun but also the life skills she was learning to be out in the woods on her own.

Gloria enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained as well as continuing to learn new skills and honing existing ones. Considering her previous absence of experience in the shooting sports, she can truly relate to a feeling of being overwhelmed and under prepared. She is super excited to continue to build her own confidence and to facilitate the gaining of confidence in others.

Gloria Courser is also a popular blogger and is becoming a well-known figure in the world of women’s archery hunting.  Gloria helps us select gear for our business and is always ready for a new challenge!