Emily Edwards

Emily joined our team in April 2019. Her passion for business and love for the outdoors are just two attributes that make Emily a perfect match for JHSE.

She lead our Booking Guru team, worked as a Booking Guru, handled our Human Resource department, marketing & advertising, our vendor relationships and everything in-between.

Emily came to us from Pocatello Idaho and is currently a Masters in Business Administration student at Idaho State University. She enjoys playing golf, skiing, hockey, traveling, playing cards and sending bullets downrange. Our guests loved her vibrant personality, compassion for others, and overall professionalism.

Due to the government’s actions surrounding Covid-19, we were no longer able to afford her, but she was worth every penny she was paid before our business and hopes were damaged by the government. She was an excellent manager!

In 2021 we convinced her to come back and help us with some Booking Guru excellence, and we are thrilled to have her back on the team! In March of 2023 she once again became the Administrative Manager for JHSE!

Emily Edwards, Business Manager