Chris Bates

Hailing from the southern US, Chris was born and raised in Louisiana and south Florida. His first trip to the Jackson Hole in 2016 was for a three-day backpacking adventure along the Teton Crest Trail with his younger brother. This trip forever changed his perspective on outdoor recreation! Four months later made the move westward for the mountains. After a winter season in Keystone, CO, Chris found his new home in Jackson with a church family, work opportunities and the fantastic seasonal lifestyle.

Chris met his amazing wife, Kaysha, in 2020 and married the following July. The influence of local friends wrangled Chris into his interests of hunting, shooting guns, and archery. As a seasoned coach, Chris brings his experience and passion for unforgettable experiences to the JHSE instructor team. He brings the importance of safety to each aspect of the FUN experiences we love to give all our clients!