Brice Dudley

Being the son of a gunsmith and a competitive shooter, Brice’s introduction to the shooting sports began at an early age.  “I was born and raised around guns.  My dad created a casual but strict atmosphere and that allowed me to learn to respect guns rather than fear guns.  It’s a philosophy that I love to bring to others as they are being introduced to the shooting sports.”

Brice began handling guns at the age of 4, shooting guns at the age of 5, and some 45-ish years later, the tradition continues.  “My dad and I bonded over guns and shooting.  It was something that we could always talk about and something that we could always go out and do.  We worked out a lot of life’s problems while out hunting and shooting.  I know that sounds foreign to a lot of people, but that’s what we did.  Some folks go to the park and fly a kite.  Some folks go for long walks.  Some folks ride bikes.  The Dudley’s went to the range.  Shooting is just what we did.”

When asked what it is that he enjoys most about shooting instruction that he enjoys the most, he said “The people.”  He added, “I’ve developed a lot of relationships through sport shooting.  Some of my early mentors are still around and I refer to them often because they are all walking encyclopedias.  But, I love introducing new people to the sport and getting to know those people a little.  Taking a complete novice and in a short time have them peppering a steel target at 100 yards, then walking them out to 200, 300 or even 5-600 yards and seeing the look on their face!  Yeah, I love that.”

When not at the range, you can find Brice enjoying other outdoor pursuits.  “Oh man.  I love fly fishing, camping, hiking and spending time with my wife, my kids and my friends.  Really, I enjoy everything outdoors, except eggplant. I don’t like eggplant indoors either.”